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21Shares, Bitwise, BlackRock, Fidelity, VanEck and Invesco Galaxy received the authorization.
ETF trading will begin on July 23 (Tuesday).

Earlier, it was reported online that KnownOrigin was actively downsizing its staff.

eBay acquired the platform in June 2022.

A total of 1.64 million BNB were burned, worth about $971 million.

Support for the networks will be launched as part of the beta within a few weeks.
There is no exact release date yet.

The company now has a total balance of 245,992 BTC.
In May, Metaplanet said it would begin buying back bitcoins as a reserve asset.

Some speculate that Ripple will announce the settlement after a private meeting with the SEC next week on July 25.

But there’s no official confirmation of that.

Binance US must also transfer the cryptocurrency to a third-party custodian not affiliated with the exchange.
Investing is allowed in securities that “mature every four weeks”.

Funds from VanEck, Invesco, Fidelity, 21Shares and Franklin Templeton will be launched.

Today someone managed to compromise the Rho protocol.
However, the unknown person wrote a message to the developers where they pointed out that the MEV bot capitalized on the misconfiguration of the price oracle.
The hacker said that he was willing to return the funds if the team acknowledged their mistake and provided a plan to prevent similar cases in the future.

Selkis had previously expressed support for Donald Trump, but he also made some bizarre statements. For example, he called Vitalik Buterin a useless and naive political commentator and suggested that green card holders should be “sent back.”

Today, Mask Network founder Suji Yan announced that he was terminating all deals with Messari and recommended his partners to carefully consider the possibility of cooperation with this organization.