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It is announced, that the world’s second largest diamond maker Alrosa is joining Tracr, the blockchain-based end-to-end diamond tracing solution. Tracr platform is developed by South African diamond company De Beers Group for the purpose of ensuring that conflict diamonds do not enter its supply chain. According to the statement, the Russian company is joining the project because it supports the goal of protecting consumers and ensuring the integrity of the authenticity of their diamonds. Some major diamond companies also have plans on joining Tracr project as the gem industry increasingly recognizes the blockchain as a solution to the supply chain challenges of ensuring transparency, trust, traceability, privacy, and compliance.

According to a press release, American software corporation Microsoft will integrate its Azure Blockchain technology into stock exchange Nasdaq Inc. Microsoft will integrate its Azure blockchain service with NFF, this technology provides software for trading infrastructure and operations outsourcing, and fulfills Nasdaq’s risk and surveillance technology offering. It is reported, that the parties will develop a “ledger agnostic blockchain capability” that will allow for operability across multiple ledgers. The new product supposes to facilitate easier buyer and seller matching, management of delivery, and payment and settlement of transactions.

According to an announcement, Ledger, a global leader in securing crypto assets, is opening a new branch in Hong Kong. Benjamin Soong, who is a former managing director for U.S. financial analytics corporation S&P Global., is now assigned as head of the Asia Pacific (APAC), responsible for all Ledger operations held in the region.  Ledger already has the headquarters in Paris and San Francisco.

It is announced, that the EEA has released new specifications. The Client Specification Version 2, lays out a certification process to ensure Ethereum coders are following common standards. The EEA has also released the Off-Chain Trusted Compute Specification Version 0.5, which is made for data delivery from the blockchain to some off-ledger trusted environment, or piped in from external sources known as oracles via a standard API. According to EEA executive director Ron Resnick, the purpose of these incremental alignments is to establish the foundations for the type of seamless development work that happens in ecosystems such as Android.

It is reported, that Blockchain payments startup Ripple Labs has hired former Google executive Amir Sarhangi as its vice president of products. Sarhangi previously was a Google’s director of messaging product management and partnerships. According to the report, Sarhangi will lead the development of Ripple’s global payments network RippleNet. Besides previous experience at Google, Sarhangi has also worked at Vodafone and Deloitte.

It is reported, that Social trading platform eToro has partnered with Binance and will list the BNB cryptocurrency on its platform. eToro will also offer the BNB tokens to investors for trading using fiat. The addition of BNB on the trading platform increases the number of crypto assets available to eToro’s investors to 13. BNB is the native token of Binance, it was issued following Binance’s ICO in 2017 and its often used on the Binance cryptocurrency platform to pay for trading fees, exchange fees, listing fees, and partner applications. BNB holders can also use the token to invest in certain ICOs listed on Binance’s Launchpad program.

According to a press release,  Hitachi Payments and the State Bank of India (SBI) are going to set up a nationwide digital payments platform. Reported, that Hitachi will provide SBI with solutions including its IoT platform “Lumada,” which was used as the base platform for a major blockchain proof-of-concept for supply chain management. Hitachi Payments is subsidiary in India of multinational tech association Hitachi, which provides technology-led payment solutions for financial institutions.

It is reported, that SP Group, Singapore electricity and gas transmission providing corporation, has launched a blockchain-powered renewable energy certificate marketplace. According to the press release, blockchain will be used to help the company increase transparency and efficiency. The marketplace will support local and international RECs, and documents will serve as proof that a particular amount of electrical energy has been produced by solar batteries. Global real estate developer CDL and multinational banking corporation DBS Bank have already signed those contracts. Cleantech Solar Asia, LYS Energy Solutions and Katoen Natie Singapore will be also joining the marketplace.

According to the press release, the U.S. manufacturer of household cleaning supplies SC Johnson and environmental organization Plastic Bank are going to open few plastic recycling centers in Indonesia. In those centers, plastic waste will be exchanged for digital tokens, giving local collectors the opportunity to use those tokens to purchase goods and services via a decentralized system. According to the recent scientific data on the plastic pollution of the ocean, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand has more than 55% of the plastic waste leaking into the ocean.

The 4 biggest agricultural corporations plan to use tech such as blockchain and AI to lead the global grain trade into the digital age.  According to the press release, Archer Daniels Midland Company, Bunge, Cargill, and Louis Dreyfus are looking at ways to standardize and digitize international agricultural shipping transactions. For the beginning, firms plan to focus on automating grain and oilseed post-trade processes, which at the moment are mostly conducted manually and are a high-cost part of the supply chain. It is also stated, that the further aim is to digitize another manual, paper-based processes involving contracts, invoices, and payments.