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It is reported, bitcoin wallet and blockchain explorer provider Blockchain launched its 1st exchange platform, dubbed “The PIT”.  According to the Blockchain’s head of retail products, the custodial exchange is able to connect to non-custodial Blockchain wallets for almost immediate transfers.

It is reported, that Facebook has notified investors that there is a possibility that Libra stablecoin may never be released. According to the report, while Facebook is planning on releasing Libra next year, there are some factors that might not allow to launch it. As per report, the Facebook recognizes the importance of the regulators concerns towards Libra.

It is reported, that the Swiss fintech company Aximetria, that owns a personal finance app for fiat and cryptocurrencies, has won a license from the Swiss Financial Services Standards Association. According to the CoinDesk report, the Aximetria said that this license gives the company rights to state that its product is entirely compliant with Swiss AML laws. As per report, the Aximetria is now able to run operations as a crypto financial intermediary under the Swiss AML Act.

It is reported, that Croatian Post and Electrocoin had collaborated in order to launch a pilot program for a crypto-to-fiat exchange in the Zadar city. According to the report, the pilot service will allow crypto holders to convert BTC, ETH, XLM, XRP and EOS to cash in one of the Croatian Post’s offices.

It is reported, that Ren Zhengfei, CEO of Chinese company Huawei, said that China can issue its own digital currency and become a competitor to Facebook for market share. According to the report, Ren Zhengfei thinks that China is able to create a digital currency with as good value as Facebook’s Libra. As per report, the People’s Bank of China, sees Libra as possible threat to the country’s economy.

It is reported, that crypto exchange Binance has integrated the Kyber Network protocol to its Trust Wallet in order to enable support for multiple decentralized exchanges (DEX). According to the report, the integration with the Kyber Network liquidity protocol will provide to users an access to the extended DEX ecosystem and allow them to exchange cryptocurrencies using a Multi-DEX and interface without an order book.

It is reported, that beta version of new mobile app developed by Ethereum wallet and DApp browser Metamask is now available for public use. According to the report, the app is available for the Android and iOS and offers different features, such as cryptocurrency wallet, DApp browser, support for Collectibles, which is unique, non-fungible tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain, and some other features. As per report, new app syncs to the Metamask’s existing browser plug-in.

It is reported, that the government of Uganda has collaborated with blockchain startup MediConnect in order to trace fake drugs in the country. The government officials of Uganda awarded support for MediConnect’s blockchain-based platform that would help to track counterfeit drugs. According to the report, the platform allows to record prescription medication, which will help to determine counterfeit drugs and to prevent their distribution in the pharmaceutical supply chain.


It is reported, that according to the words of board member of the European Central Bank, Benoit Coeure, the Facebook’s Libra stablecoin won’t be launched as long as global regulators are not satisfied. According to the report, the Coeure said that before the launch it has to be guaranteed that Libra is safe for users. Coeure said that regulatory authorities would need time to consider and discuss everything in order to ensure that users’ privacy and ownership rights are protected.

According to the reported, in South Korea someone have tried to take advantage of

According to the reported, in South Korea someone have tried to take advantage of Samsung’s blockchain effort to register the “Samsung Coin” trademark. It is reported, that according to Korean Intellectual Property Office on 10th of July an n individual called Kim Nam-jin submitted an application to register the trademark in English and Korean languages. As per report, the Samsung representative said that the company has nothing to do with that application.