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The price of largest cryptocurrency declined heavily and it tested the USD 8,550 support area, whereas ETH plummeted towards USD 210 and XRP tagged the USD 0.222 support. Other altcoins, including SXP, BCN, CKB, LTC, and ETC also declined by more than 10% today.

The funds are broken up between two quarters, $2.4 million in Q3 and an additional $8.9 million in Q4, for a total of $11.3 million. Previously, MoneyGram disclosed it utilizes various Ripple products, including its On-Demand Liquidity product that runs on XRP. It had piloted Ripple’s flagship cryptocurrency in 2018.

According to data from P2P BTC trading platform Localbitcoins, the Bitcoin price premium in Lebanon is still on the rise, with sellers demanding as much as $15,000 per BTC. With the global average spot price in the $9,500 region, it appears, Lebanese BTC price premium has climbed above 50%. The situation in Lebanon offers further proof of Bitcoin’s status as a haven asset for people caught in the middle of economic turmoil.

Japanese finance minister Taro Aso warned counterparts at a recent G20 summit of finance chiefs, held in Saudi Arabia over the weekend, that regulations needed to be set up for digital currencies before issuance, to help minimize the risk of money laundering. He urged Beijing and any other governments planning to issue digital fiats in the near future to “please wait at this stage.”

The users in EU will be able to withdraw Bitcoin to their Visa credit cards. The its new feature has been built with simplicity in mind, with an easy-to-follow Know Your Customer procedure. Transactions can also be initiated quickly, meaning crypto enthusiasts don’t need to jump through endless hoops.

It has been reported that tokenized margin trading and lending platform bZx has been exploited a vulnerability once again. As a result, total value locked (TLV) in DeFi dropped. After surpassing the $1 billion mark earlier this month, on February 15 it reached another all-time high, hitting $1.22 billion. It gradually fell to USD 1.149 billion earlier today and then, in a few hours, it crashed 12%, to $1 billion (10:00 UTC).

The Chinese cryptocurrency exchange stated that the company may not be able to pay the 7,000-13,000 BTC (that’s $67 million to $125 million) that it owes users. According to Zhang Jian, founder of Fcoin , the exchange hasn’t been hacked and isn’t an exit scam. But evidence suggests it might be exactly that.

After the allegations of fraud at Atlas Quantum, Zero10, and Trader Group last year, Brazilian legislators received the green light to regulate the crypto market. As a result, two major cryptocurrency exchanges based in the South American nation have been shut down and facing heavy fines with immediate effect.

Due to regulation control from Financial Conduct Authority’s over anti-money-laundering (AML) procedures, the accounts of a United Kingdom-authorized electronic money institution have been frozen. The new account openings have also been banned: “Following discussions with the FCA, ePayments has agreed to suspend activity on customer accounts until remedial action has been undertaken to the satisfaction of the FCA,” EPayments statement said.

Industry experts suggest that such an impressive surge is due to BCH’s April “halvening” event, which is scheduled for 8th of April. The bitcoin fork led the way in the market cap top ten, as the broader cryptocurrency market experienced a $12 billion influx.