Asian Social Media Giant LINE Launches 5 New DApps

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LINE has already entered the crypto world with two cryptocurrencies, a venture fund, and an exchange, and has recently announced their plan to offer a series of five DApps – Wizball, 4CAST, Pasha, TAPAS, And Step. Wizball is a Japanese exclusive platform that will allow users to share information via a Q&A format, also rewarding users with LINK Point tokens. 4CAST will enable users to predict the future outcomes of events, similarly to how Augur allows consumers to create and bet on markets. Pasha is set to become a service for users to write reviews about products. TAPAS will be a food-focused app, which will allow users to review and research eateries in Japan. STEP will be a fully-fledged social media service for the common consumer to create and share stories, which consist of location tags and photos.

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