FBI warned of cryptomaniacal romances during Valentine’s Day

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The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has issued an official warning about an increase in cryptocurrency scams during Valentine’s Day.
According to the document, the week before Valentine’s Day there has been an increase in the number of love affairs that turn into digital asset scams.
“Victims in the FBI’s San Francisco jurisdiction have lost more than $64 million to romance scams, a figure of just over $35 million in 2020,” the document said.
According to the FBI, the service recorded 742 complaints in 2021 alone.
“The FBI has noticed a growing trend of fraudulent lovers convincing people to send funds to invest or trade in cryptocurrency,” the statement said.

Special Agents reported that scammers create fake accounts on behalf of women and men through which they convince investors to transfer cryptocurrency funds to them, hiding behind a potential romantic relationship.
The bureau also noted that some particularly quick scammers wind up their “halves” on scam sites, with the help of which they gain access to the assets of careless users.

The FBI recommended not to take financial advice from strangers, not to disclose information about their finances and accounts, and not to believe promises of quick and large profits from individuals who offer unique investment opportunities.
In 2020, IC3 received more than 23,000 claims of romance fraud, with reported losses of more than $600 million.

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