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Tesla CEO Ilon Musk said that Twitter is a de facto town square and that the social network should be an overarching arena for free speech.
Earlier this week, the billionaire announced that he was ready to buy the company for $41.4 billion.
“My strong intuitive feeling is that having a public platform with maximum credibility and broad inclusiveness is critical to the future of civilization,” he said.
Musk also added that it was not his intention to “monopolize” Twitter.
“Technically, I could afford it. But it’s not a way to make money. I don’t care about the economic issue at all,” Musk said.
He added that Twitter’s algorithm must be open-source to avoid any “behind-the-scenes manipulation.”
The entrepreneur recently bought a 9.2% stake in the company and a few days later said he would not be on the board of directors.

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