Non-interchangeable tokens (NFTs) could be the bridge between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0.

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This was the view expressed at the ForkLog conference “NFT Beyond Pictures: Alienable Copyright” by CloudNFT CEO and co-founder Peter Bel.
According to him, NFTs don’t bring anything fundamentally new to the copyright industry, but they can be useful in Web 3.0 interactions.
Bel sees great potential in services that will introduce the general public and facilitate the creation of digital ID and help “package” contracts from the real world into NFT:
“NFTs could evolve into digital document signing services. In the case of copyright, it would be extremely convenient to “bookmark” the alienable copyright contract in an NFT and transfer it to another person.”
The co-founder of CloudNFT noted that the use of non-interchangeable tokens in such a capacity would allow contracts to be signed between a “person with a passport” and an individual with a decentralized identifier.
He also suggested that the use of NFT technologies would allow contracts to be signed under virtual law rather than a particular system of this or that state regulation.
As a reminder, former president and CEO of The Walt Disney Company Robert Eiger has expressed concern about copyright infringement in the NFT sector.

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