The substation explosions shut down thousands of Bit Digital’s miners

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Last week, an explosion at a substation in Niagara Falls, N.Y., caused a fire and shut down thousands of mining machines.
The incident occurred on May 10 at Blockfusion, a company that offers colocation services to miners.

One of its customers, Bit Digital, reported that the explosion disabled 2,515 bitcoin miners and about 710 Ethereum miners.
“We hope that operations will resume within a few weeks, but at this time there can be no guarantee as to timing. Blockfusion is working with its insurance company and utility company to restore power as quickly as possible,” the company said.
According to Bit Digital, no one was injured during the incident, and no significant damage was done to the mining center building or Bit Digital’s miners.
“The explosion and fire are believed to have been caused by defective power company equipment. Blockfusion and Bit Digital intend to seek compensation for losses, including lost profits,” the company said.
Some 1,580 other Bit Digital miners operating elsewhere in New York City also recently lost power. Hosting partner Digihost Technology said they needed additional permits from authorities to provide power.
Bit Digital said that the two incidents combined reduced its operating hashing rate to 46.8%.

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