Vitalik Buterin published Ethereum’s roadmap for 2024

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Vitalik Buterin has shared an updated roadmap for Ethereum for 2024, outlining key priorities to move the ecosystem forward.
These priorities include:
– Merge: achieve perfect, simple, reliable and decentralized proof-of-stake consensus.

– Surge: achieve 100K transactions per second or higher in L2.

– Scourge: reduce centralization risks in Ethereum’s design, especially with respect to MEVs and liquid staking.

– Verge: simplify block verification (download
N bytes of data, perform a few basic calculations, check SNARK and done).

– Purge: simplify the protocol and limit the cost of participating in the network.

– Splurge: optimize.

Buterin noted single slot finality (SSF) as the easiest way to address many of the current weaknesses in Ethereum’s design.

He also praised the progress being made on L2 networks and the early implementation of the Verkle tree.

In addition, the Scourge phase was refocused on combating economic centralization in Ethereum.

Aside from other small changes, the core priorities of the Ethereum ecosystem remain the same.

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