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The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority have agreed to strengthen cooperation in three main areas, including financial infrastructure, communication in financial markets, and regulation of virtual assets.
To date, the UAE and Hong Kong have attracted significant attention from the cryptocurrency community amid progress in the regulation of digital assets.

Tether has begun investing in renewable energy to support and promote sustainable bitcoin mining in Uruguay.
To do so, the company has begun partnering with an unnamed local licensed company.

Thus, Tether has expanded its reach from finance and communications to the energy sector.

Uruguay is a world leader in renewable energy: 94% of the country’s energy comes from wind and solar plants.

South Korea’s National Police Department held a “virtual asset exchange workshop” with the 5 major Korean cryptocurrency exchanges and Binance.
The police are planning to set up a wallet address verification system, which can be used to request the freezing of funds not only on Korean exchanges, but also on Binance.

Ordinals Market and Bitcoin Miladys developed the BRC-721E standard.
This standard allows all NFTs of the ERC-721 standard to be ported to Ordinals.
According to the developers, BRC-721E encodes data directly into a transaction that assigns an address to receive NFTs and dynamically collects all metadata.
The transaction record itself acts as a query in the chain. This mechanism can also be used to perform airdrop.

Fantom Network will reward some projects with commissions.
Eligible applications will be rewarded with 15% of gas fees.

Some projects have already begun to earn additional revenue, notably LayerZero.

some user tried to launder money through the platform

The Bybit exchange has received preliminary approval from the Astana Financial Services Authority (AFSA) to operate as a digital asset trading platform in Kazakhstan.
The company has also received a preliminary license to operate as a provider of depository services at the Astana International Financial Center (AIFC).

The Huobi Exchange has launched spot trading platforms for retail and institutional customers in Hong Kong.
The company has also applied for a license from the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission.

Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund Temasek said it has completed an internal loss review that will result in it writing off a $275 million investment in the FTX exchange.
The company said the fund’s investment team and senior management took “collective responsibility” for the financial decision, so their payouts will be cut.
The investment in FTX was only 0.09% of Temasek’s portfolio value.
“What happened to FTX has caused Temasek not only financial losses but also reputational damage,” Singapore Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong said earlier.

The Hong Kong Police’s Cybersecurity and Technology Crime Bureau (CSTCB) will begin offering its services in the metaworld to prevent crime in the digital world.
“All crimes in cyberspace can also take place in the meta universe, such as investment fraud, unauthorized access to systems, theft and sex crimes,” said CSTCB Chief Inspector Ip Cheuk-yu.
In 2022, there were 2,336 cases related to virtual assets in Hong Kong. Losses from these crimes amounted to $1.7 billion.