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Justin Sun reported that the HTX (formerly Huobi) exchange was hacked for 5,000 ETH (~$8 million) yesterday.
San added that the exchange has fully compensated those affected.
According to Cyvers Alert, the attack targeted one of HTX’s hot wallets.

The exchange offered the hacker to return the funds in exchange for a 5% bonus on the stolen $8 million.

On September 25, the BBC will release a documentary on the life of Sam Bankman-Fried.

The picture is titled Downfall of the Crypto King.

The movie will feature various interviews with his former associates and collaborators.

MicroStrategy purchased an additional 5,445 BTC for ~$147.3 million
The average purchase price was $27053.

The company currently holds 158245 BTC, which is valued at ~$4.68 billion.The total average price of the holdings is $29582.

Mixin Network has suspended deposits and withdrawals after attacks on its services.

According to SlowMist, the exploit amounted to about $200 million.Specifically, the database of cloud service provider Mixin was attacked.

More information will be released later.

Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) said it will release a list of all companies that have applied for a license in the city amid the JPEX exchange scam.
The SFC also said it will compile a list of suspicious trading platforms.

SFC spokeswoman Elizabeth Wong said the public will be able to understand which companies made false statements regarding license applications.

However, according to the SCMP, only HKVAX, HKBitEx, Hong Kong BGE Limited and Victory Fintech Company Limited have applied for licenses.

South Korean exchange Upbit unexpectedly halted the input and output of Aptos, citing maintenance.
Some users reported that they received APT tokens without sending them to themselves.

It turned out to be a fake ClaimAPTGift coin.

The exchange didn’t check the coin type and mistook them for native Aptos.

The situation was saved by the fact that the fraudulent token had differences in decimal numbers.

Otherwise, all users of the exchange would have gotten $25,000 in APT and would have been able to discount it through the market.

The Terra Classic community has voted to end the Terra Classic USD (USTC) mint.

The initiative aims to protect investor interests by reducing the supply of USTC to restore its parity with the dollar.
The move will also allow major exchanges to burn USTC.

Last May, the community voted to abolish the Terra Classic USD (UST) mint.

Coinbase has received an anti-money laundering (AML) compliance license from Spain’s central bank.

“This registration will allow Coinbase to offer a full range of products and services to retail and institutional users in Spain in accordance with the national legal framework,” the company said.

Following the Nansen incident, marketplace OpenSea has also warned its users about a possible leak of their API key data.

The leak was the result of a compromise by a third-party vendor.

The company recommended that users change their existing API keys.

Nansen previously clarified that many Fortune 500 companies utilize the vendor’s services.

Analytics platform Arkham Intelligence has computed over 36 million Coinbase onchain addresses.
According to the report, the exchange holds bitcoins totaling $25 billion.

Most of these funds are held by users.

However, that makes Coinbase the largest BTC holder in the world, owning nearly 5% of the asset’s entire existing supply.