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The Japanese messaging giant is now one of the first publicly traded companies to have launched a proprietary blockchain mainnet with its own cryptocurrency LINK. The company now plans to issue a total of 1 billion of the network’s LINK tokens, of which 800 million will be distributed to public users while the rest will be held as a company reserve. The tokens will be issued as an incentive for users who participate in its decentralized applications (dapps) built on top of the LINK Chain network.

According to the press release, such a move is aimed at scaling the mining infrastructure of Ethereum. In addition, users of will be able to switch their computing power from the Ethereum pool to the Ethereum Classic pool, depending on the mood in the market. The mining will be done with the help of the GPU, despite the fact that in April Bitmain released ASIC-miner for Ethereum. According to the director of, Zhuang Zhong, this is due to the versatility and simplicity of GPU-miners.

Following a blanket ban on crypto trading and ICOs in the country, which affected WeChat’s crypto news outlets, Alipay’s OTC exchanges, crypto-related events, and 124 foreign exchanges, the government is making moves to curb the development and use of video games. In addition, the regulators plan to limit the number of new online games released by gaming firms.

The digital payments company can now offer its merchants to accept payments in any cryptocurrency alongside conventional payment methods and cash out in their currency of choice. In addition, the patent details a process that allows the POS system to eliminate latency in cryptocurrency transactions, ensuring that even bitcoin transactions can be approved at roughly the same speed as a credit card transaction.

Randi Zuckerberg, who is also a founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media, will now lead the development of the exchange’s new public blockchain, as she joins the Huobi Chain Expert Advisory Committee. The platform gathers industry’s most esteemed, including Bitmain CEO Jihan Wu, “Silicon Valley Start-up Godfather” Steve Hoffman, and “Father of the Digital Economy” Don Tapscott, to provide “comprehensive professional advice and insights on the underlying technology, industry application, business model construction and other dimensions of the blockchain.

Yahoo users now have an opportunity to trade BTC, ETH and LTC on the Yahoo Finance, which is a popular platform for traders and other representatives of the financial world. As founder of the venture firm Morgan Creek Digital Anthony Pompplano said, this indicates the viral distribution of cryptocurrency. Such an option is still not available for other digital assets. Earlier, the former top manager of Wall Street said that the massive adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will take place in five or six years.

The South Korean cryptocurrency exchange is to sign an agreement with Nonghyup Bank, after which the process of new user registrations may be reopened. The partnership with the bank will allow crypto traders to open personal virtual bank accounts to trade on Bithumb. The exchange closed all new registrations on July 31st, stating that it needs to improve its services, but many suspected that the real reason was disagreements with Nonghyup Bank about the terms of the contract, which arose after the recent hacking of the website.

Today crypto markets see a positive strong momentum, as the largest cryptocurrency trades at $7,090 (press time) this morning (4.2% increase on the say) and all but 3 altcoins amid the top 100 cryptocurrencies post strong gains on the day. The growth among the top ten crypto coins ranges between 4.5% to almost 20%.

The cryptocurrency storage platform Kingdom Trust, which holds assets worth $12 bln that consist of 30 digital currencies, announced that the company is now insured by the world’s largest insurance marketplace, Lloyd’s of London. Kingdom Trust provides institutions and individuals digital currency custody management and alternative asset investment funds.

The Kripto Mobile Corporation (KRIP) announced their exclusive partnership with DASH that will focus on the cryptocurrency privacy. The new deal will concern a new range of crypto-smart phones from KRIP, aimed at the Latin American market. With the help of new devices, the cryptocurrency can be easily and easily used for daily transactions. Devices will be sold with already installed Dash ecosystem and Dash crypto wallets.