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It is reported, that Dutch crypto firm Libereum has bought Spanish soccer club Elche CF for $4.9 mln. The crypto company has plans to buy a set of international soccer clubs and make its ERC20 token, Liber, an obligatory form of payment in the stadiums of those clubs it owns. The company is expecting that demand for the token will stimulate its market value, and generate returns for the club.

According to an announcement, the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) has launched a cross-border remittance product based on RippleNet’s blockchain technology. It is reported, that the NBK has become the first financial establishment in Kuwait to implement a remittance product for international live payments based on RippleNet’s blockchain technology. It is presumed the product, named “NBK Direct Remit”, will accelerate cross-border money transfers. According to the deputy CEO of group operations and technology, Dimitrios Kokosioulis, the blockchain-based solution will let bank’s customers make money transfers momentarily and 24/7.

According to an announcement, the Litecoin Foundation will sponsor an event of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) mixed martial arts organization. It is reported, that the foundation has become the “Official Cryptocurrency Partner” of the UFC light heavyweight title fight between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson. According to the Litecoin Foundation, the sponsorship has a special role in its effort of expanding the adoption of digital currencies.

It is reported, that the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) will cooperate with blockchain-based telemedicine and telepsychology firm to expand free basic healthcare services across Eastern Africa. is a tech firm that provides blockchain-based 24/7 telemedicine and telepsychology platforms, it’s users are able to tokenize their personal data and sell it and as a result of getting access to the services. According to the report, with the UN partnership, the company now plans to launch both its platforms to the African market by the second quarter of 2019.

It is reported, that in March 2019 Japan’s Mizuho Financial Group plans to introduce a digital currency for remittances and payments use. According to the report, the fees that the retail shops will be required to pay for accepting the currency will be noticeably lower than the credit card usage fees. As reported, the transfer of funds between the digital wallet and the bank account will be free, as will be sending funds to other users. The currency will be managed by a special smartphone app, and the payments will be made using QR codes. The token will be a stablecoin fixed at a price of 1 yen per unit.

It is reported, that cryptocurrency mining company Bitmain and crypto exchange Huobi has confirmed plans to lay off staff because of the 2018 crypto markets price loss. According to the statement, Bitmain Technology said that it is undergoing some adjustment to its staff this year. The exact number of staff reduction has not been disclosed. It is also reported, that Huobi Group as well has confirmed plans to optimize its personnel by firing underachieving employees.

It is reported, that Japanese internet giant GMO Internet Group is quitting the Bitcoin mining hardware sector. Because of the huge loss in Q4 this year, GMO made a decision to stop developing, manufacturing and selling miners. According to the report, the GMO is planning to relocate its mining operation to a region that will allow the company to secure cleaner and cheaper power supply.


It is reported, that Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has become the first crypto entrepreneur to join billionaire-backed charity program The Giving Pledge. The Giving Pledge campaign was founded by magnates Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, and it is now for the first time supported by a representative of the crypto industry!  Armstrong is joining more than 180 pledgers including Elon Musk, Ray Dalio, Bill Ackman, and Michael Bloomberg. The Giving Pledge was established in 2010, to inspire wealthy people all over the world to give at least half of their net assets to charitable causes. In 2018, the pledge has collected donations of $365 bln.

It is reported, that Dublin-headquartered startup, AID:Tech, has partnered with the Irish Red Cross to use blockchain technology in a new transparency improvement app for charitable donations. The consumer-oriented mobile app “TraceDonate,” has been designed to keep donors informed how their contributions to charitable causes are being spent. According to Liam O’Dwyer, secretary general of the Irish Red Cross, the partnership with AID:Tech provides the organization with an opportunity to “further promote transparency in the charity sector,” and to serve as a “benchmark for the donation process.”

It is reported, that, Brazilian supermarket chain located in Rio de Janeiro, Oásis Supermercados, has recently started accepting cryptocurrency payments after getting consultancy from the local exchange. According to the firm’s manager Douglas Andrade, the chain’s clients in Rio de Janeiro will now be able to pay using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. The chain will be accepting cryptocurrencies via CoinWISE, a firm that turns the cryptocurrencies they receive into reais and sends them over 3 days after the payments were made.