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According to a press release, Bitfury plans to launch several mining facilities in Paraguay. It is reported, that the Blockchain tech firm and BTC mining manufacturer Bitfury and South Korean peer-to-peer knowledge commons research firm Commons Foundation has collaborated and planning on launching a series of transaction processing sites that will use Bitfury’s BlockBox AC mobile data centers in Paraguay. According to the report, this project is part of a bigger initiative from Commons, called “Golden Goose,”. The initiative aims to “expand cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation in Spanish-speaking countries,”.

According to a press release, the Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance is going to add support for credit card crypto purchases via its collaboration with payment processor Simplex. According to Changpeng Zhao, Binance’s CEO, the firm aims to provide Binance traders with quick and simple access to crypto, in the securest way. It is reported, that co-founder and CEO of Simplex, Nimrod Lehavi, noted that for mainstream users, simple and quick credit card payments are very important for wider adoption of crypto in general. Binance users will be able to use Visa and MasterCard cards to purchase BTC, ETH, LTC and XRP.

It is reported, that Japanese IT company Fujitsu with success has tested a blockchain-based solution to address inefficiencies in electricity surplus management. According to the report, Fujitsu collaborates with local power distribution company ENERES, and using blockchain for the increasing of success rates of power-sharing, administered through a Demand Response (DR) process. The DR aims to predict periods of high demand by ensuring surplus power is available to those who need it. According to the Fujitsu, blockchain has demonstrably helped improve the current technology of DR.

According to a press release, the US blockchain firm TokenSoft has launched a beta version of its new wallet, called Knox Wallet, for digital assets and digital securities. It is reported, that Knox Wallet will provide cold storage and a self-custody platform for managing multiple assets, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies, and the real estate, equity, or debt tokenized assets. The wallet is currently being under a testing phase, and the product launch for the general availability is planned on the first quarter of 2019.

It is announced, that the US merchant services provider and payment processing firm Aliant Payments is going to offer free crypto transaction processing to some merchants. According to the report, the CryptoBucks, Aliant’s crypto processing product for merchants, was launched in 2017. And now, according to the firm, free crypto processing through the platform is available “to qualifying merchants that sign up for debit and credit card processing.” The merchants have to be located in Europe or the U.S. It is also reported, that to guarantee customers that transactions are compliant with federal laws & regulations, the Aliant is collaborating with a publicly traded domestic bank.

It is reported, that cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger has released a special mobile app for some of its products. The app called Ledger Live is now available for Android and iOS mobile devices. According to the report, with the app, users of Ledger Nano X wallets will be able to use a wallet via the mobile device and a Bluetooth connection, and won’t need a cable. The 1st embodiment of the new app serves mainly Nano X holders, while Nano S or Ledger Blue holders can only check balance information.

It is reported, that Swiss ‘smart card’ wallet manufacturer Tangem, is going to issue physical banknotes for the Sovereign (SOV), the state digital currency of the Marshall Islands. The physical banknotes will be based on blockchain technology, will enable cheap, quick and global transactions for the users. According to the report, the physical representations of the digital currency should ensure that citizens would have equal access to their digital currency, regardless of whether they have an internet connection or not. Tangem claims that a physical SOV is going to be a controllable mechanism for issuing the currency by the Marshallese government.

It is reported, that the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) didn’t let a local ICO launch a security token offering (STO) in the country. According to the report, under the current country rules, all STOs are obligated to comply with Singapore’s securities laws and must register with the MAS. The offering might fall under an exemption, if certain conditions are followed, including advertising restrictions. The issuer of the unnamed STO relied on this exemption to be able to launch an offering without registering with the MAS. Yet, the issuer has posted a promotional article to LinkedIn, breaking advertising prohibition. The issuer had to temporarily suspend STO after receiving a warning from MAS.

It is reported, that the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) is planning to list security tokens as tradeable assets for clients. According to the JSE’s Canadian technology partner Blockstation announcement, the 2 firms have completed the first stage of a 60-day live cryptocurrency trading pilot. The first stage of the pilot saw participation from regulated broker-dealers, market makers and the Jamaica Central Securities Depository (JCSD). The JSE and Blockstation started their collaboration in August 2018 to work on the creation of the new digital assets trading platform.

According to the announcement, cryptocurrency exchange Binance had launched its over-the-counter (OTC) trading desks for larger transactions. The new Binance OTC tool offers services aimed at users performing trades worth 20 BTC or more. According to the official, the OTC desk allows Binance users to trade larger amounts of different cryptocurrencies listed on the exchange, settling transactions via their Binance accounts.