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It is reported, that the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission updated the list of cryptocurrencies suitable for use in ICO investments and trading pairs. Previously, in accordance with Thailand regulations, only BTC, ETH, XRP and XLM were allowed for these purposes. According to the report, from now on the BCH, ETC and LTC have been also added to the list.

According to the announcement, cryptocurrency mining service Coinhive,  which was designed to offer web developers a JavaScript-based Monero miner, will stop its services on March 8, 2019. As reported, the users’ dashboards will remain available until April 30, 2019. According to Coinhive, one of the reasons behind the services closure is the last Monero hard fork, with a result of 50% decrease in hash rate.

According to an official press release, digital payments company Wirex has launched a significant update of its platform Wirex 3.0, by adding 10 new fiat currencies. It is reported, that the European Economic Area’s users of Wirex now have an “unconditional access” to over-the-counter rates for cryptocurrency exchanges, and to traditional currency exchanges inter-bank rates. The new features will also be available for residents of the Asia-Pacific region and Canada, allowing users to operate their Wirex accounts in local fiat currency. According to the report, the platform now supports 15 fiat currencies, among them is the Hong Kong dollar, the Singapore Dollar and the Australian Dollar.

It is reported, that the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Chinese tech company Chongqing Jinwowo Technologies will jointly work on research and development of blockchain solutions. According to professor at the NUS’ School of Business and Computer Science, Pang Yan, this strategic cooperation will work within big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, etc.

According to Reuters report, the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) has led a $20 mln investment in British blockchain startup Nivaura. It is reported, that the Nivaura developed the world’s 1st crypto-denominated, blockchain-settled bond. The exact amount that LSEG paid for a minority equity stake in Nivaura remains undisclosed. The startup offers blockchain solutions for automating the issuance, clearing and settlement of financial instruments. According to the report, among the investors in Nivaura there was also Banco Santander’s venture capital arm, Santander InnoVentures.

It is reported, that the ex-executive of Goldman Sachs, Marco Lim, is now a new managing partner at Hong Kong-based blockchain and cryptocurrency-focused hedge fund MAI Capital. According Lim’s LinkedIn profile, he has previously worked at Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, and Forex Capital Markets, engaging with foreign exchange sales. According to the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at MAI Capital, Benedict Ho, Marco’s main focus will be on marketing and establishment of strategic partnerships for MAI Capital and its group companies.

According to a press release, Spain’s multinational telecommunications giant Telefónica, has collaborated with Microsoft in order to extend its digital innovation by using blockchain and artificial intelligence. Telefónica will be using Microsoft’s Azure platform for development of its new services for the telecom industry. It is reported, that the deal was concluded as part of the ongoing World Mobile Congress held in Barcelona. According to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, companies will jointly apply the power of Azure and Azure AI for the development of the fresh innovative experiences for Telefónica customers worldwide and for the formation of Telefónica’s network future.

It is reported, that just 8 months after the launch, the Huobi’s Australian subsidiary will be absorbed by the Huobi Global. According to the Facebook post published Feb. 25, Huobi Australia stated that the reason for the move is crypto market fall and new layoffs. According to Huobi Australia’s announcements, the subsumption under Huobi Global will begin already tomorrow, Feb. 26.

It is reported, that during the 56th International Agriculture Fair in Paris, the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, stated about the importance of the use of blockchain to innovate supply chain management in the European agriculture industry. According to the report, Macron thinks that European nations have to unite to oppose competition from global markets in China, Russia and the U.S., he also emphasized that the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy in this case is very important. According to Emmanuel Macron, the use of blockchain can bring transparency to agricultural production and distribution, which will lower customers concerns about products’ origin and sustainability.