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It is reported, that Steve Forbes, the Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media, has published on an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg, suggesting to make cryptocurrency Libra backed by gold. According to the report, Forbes firmly encouraged Facebook’s crypto initiative, underlining the possibility that Libra might eventually replace the U.S. dollar as the global currency.

It is reported, that cryptocurrency exchange Binance is discussing with Facebook a possibility of getting involved in its upcoming Libra project. According to the report, the exchange’s strategy officer Gin Chao said that because initially Libra will be on a private blockchain, it won’t need external liquidity. Yet, Facebook may eventually need a secondary market.

It is reported, that BTC mining difficulty, the measure of how hard it is to earn mining rewards, has reached a record level and hit over 7.93 trillion, showing the growing competition for block rewards between miners. Although the hash rate has come down slightly to linger around 56 quintillion hashes per second. According to the report, the competition between miners has never been higher.


It is reported, that internet browser company Opera has released the iOS version of its mobile web browser- Opera Touch. According to the report, the Opera Touch supports the ETH protocol and the Ethereum Web3 API. The browser contains Ethereum-based DApps, ERC-20 tokens, stablecoins, and non-fungible tokens.

It is reported, that Bitcoin has went up above $12,9k for the 1st time since 21st January 2018, and hit the new high for 2019 at $12,919. According to the report, on June 26 at 03:00 UTC, BTC has quickly raised above $12k on strong momentum and high volatility. As of press time, the price has dropped back to above $12,5k. According to data at, the BTC showing impressive results up 40 % just in June, while its year-to-year performance is up by more than 250%.

It is reported, that the Malaysian government-owned organization, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation, together with job marketplace company Jobbatical have launched the work visa program for tech freelancers. According to the report, the program is aimed to involve foreign professionals, by giving them permission to stay in the country for up to one year in order to provide blockchain-related services or to have training at a Malaysian company.

It is reported, that computer hardware company IBM has announced an upgrade to its Blockchain Platform. According to the report, new IBM Blockchain Platform will work on different cloud networks, such as IBM Cloud, Microsoft’s Azure or Amazon Web Services, as well as company-hosted private clouds – LinuxOne.

It is reported, that Canadian pharmacy chain Shoppers Drug Mart and blockchain company TruTrace Technologies Inc. are collaborating in order to release a blockchain-based pilot program for cannabis supply chain tracking. According to the report, this blockchain tracking system aimed on identification and tracking of medical cannabis to allow doctors to issue more efficient prescriptions and ensure reliable information for medical marijuana clinical trials.

It is reported, that Samsung has plans to collaborate with platform companies on the development of blockchain, artificial intelligence and sixth-generation mobile networks. According to the report, the decision to implement advanced technologies such as blockchain and 6G comes because of intensive and structural changes in the technology industry.

It is reported, that to govern cryptocurrency transactions the Lithuania is getting new rules prepared, that will obligate businesses to prove the identity of their clients. According to the report, in order to meet European Union AML regulations, Lithuania’s finance ministry will aim to fully formalize crypto-based exchange operations.