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It is reported, that the DLT platform Hedera Hashgraph is going to offer an open access to its mainnet beta starting from 16th of September. According to the report, this beta test will be a period of free public access, while developers create the DApps on the platform.

It is reported, that after integration with major cryptos, the Samsung added 3 stablecoins to the list of coins supported by the Galaxy S10 device. According to the report, Samsung’s new smartphone now supports TrueUSD (TUSD), Maker (MKR) and USD Coin (USDC).

It is reported, that BitTorrent, which is subsidiary of blockchain company Tron, will internally test new blockchain-based live streaming platform. According to the report, the streaming platform, dubbed BitTorrent Live (BLive), supports live video content and an instant messaging service. As per report, BitTorrent plans to launch BLive in alpha, beta and full versions in between Q3 2019 and Q1 2020.

It is reported, that after receiving a banking license in Switzerland, cryptocurrency firm Sygnum is now aiming to get banking license in Singapore, in order to become a fully regulated bank and to be able to provide a full suite of financial services. According to the report, if Sygnum recieves the Singapore license, it would be able to offer such financial services as custodial services for BTC and ETH, as well as conversions between these 2 cryptocurrencies, Swiss francs, euros, Singapore dollars and U.S. dollars. As a regulated bank, Sygnum will also be able to offer digital asset custody, brokerage and tokenization services for accredited investors and institutions.

It is reported, that Facebook’s’ digital currency wallet, Calibra, is strengthening its compliance team.  According to the report, Facebook is working towards convincing U.S. and European regulators that the Libra project won’t be legal threat. As per the report, the company is hiring a new compliance team to manage the many legal traps it might face.

It is reported, that German bank WEG Bank gained a crypto trading and custody license in Estonia. According to the report, besides that bank is also aiming to receive a securities trading and custody license in Germany. As per the report, the WEG Bank thinks that working out of a premium regulatory environment is one of the key assets.

It is reported, that the Security Service of Ukraine has arrested power plant operators for mining cryptocurrency in the Yuzhnoukrainsk nuclear power plant facility.  According to the report, the crypto miners compromised the nuclear facility’s security through the mining setup’s internet connection. As per report, the classified information on the plant’s physical protection system was leaked.


It is reported, that crypto startup Circle plans to deploy a $100 million venture capital fund for its crowdfunding platform SeedInvest. According to the report, Circle is looking for the general partner whose responsibility will be to raise and manage the fund in partnership with SeedInvest’s senior leadership team.

It is reported, that Huobi Wallet, a professional multi-currency wallet designed by Huobi Group, has collaborated with Equilibrium in order to support the EOSDT stablecoin and NUT token. According to the report, the Huobi Wallet is also planning on launching the Equilibrium DApp, to provide wallet users with a simple native interface for generating EOSDT and managing their positions.

It is reported, the crypto data supplier and crypto wallet has collaborated with blockchain interoperability protocol Polkadot. According to the announcement, the will integrate its Blockchain Wallet with the Polkadot Network to adopt and decentralize of Polkadot tokens. After the integration, the users of will have ability to store, send and receive Polkadot tokens, as long as to vote on proposed amendments to council members and the network protocol.