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It is reported, that crypto exchange Binance is now the highest-ranked “Super Representative” (SR) in the Tron ecosystem. According to the report, Binance received over 12 bln votes for the 1st place ranking. As per the report, the 2nd place SR now has blockchain community, and 3rd place is taken by Tron-based Beatz Coming.

It is reported, that DApp-focused blockchain Aeternity is creating a supply chain management platform for the cannabis trade. According to the report, the platform will be used by its partner, the Uruguay Can, which is one of South America’s leading cannabis production. As per report, Aeternity’s new implementation allows registration and tracking of cannabis strains from the seed to the final product. Aeternity combines the technology of IOT and blockchain, in order to enable the possibility of decentralized applications creation.

It is reported, that users of the US branch of crypto exchange Binance, Binance.US, now will be able to deposit 5 cryptocurrencies, such as: ADA, BAT, ETC, XLM and ZRX. According to the report, these coins are currently only available only for deposits, but withdrawals won’t be allowed until trading goes live.

It is reported, that blockchain startup Modex has launched its blockchain-based database platform, dubbed the Modex Blockchain Database platform (Modex BCDB). As per the report, the platform is created to make easier for the companies to deploy blockchain technology projects. According to the report, the platform will be piloted by major oil and gas company Dietsmann.

It is reported, that citizens of Cuba, which has been financially isolated for years under a US trade embargo, are now seeing major changes by receiving new prospects opening in BTC trading. According to the report, with the recent appearance of mobile internet in the country, Cubans are showing high activity buying cryptocurrencies to make online purchases, to invest and to trade.

It is reported, that team behind Ethereum Classic has enabled the Atlantis hard fork oriented to improve the altcoin’s functionality and compatibility with ETH, that supposed to make collaboration with its other blockchains easier.

It is reported, that Overstock’s security token subsidiary tZERO has collaborated with media startup BLOQ FLIX in order to tokenize film financing. According to the report, within this partnership firms will build new film financing route for television, internet, and studio projects. As per the report, BLOQ FLIX will be using tZERO’s tokenization protocol, to allow qualified investors take part in the funding process.

It is reported, that hybrid intelligence company Cindicator has launched new web app, dubbed the “Cindicator Edge”, to receive and track indicators for over 150 digital assets. According to the report, the Cindicator Edge targets holders of CND tokens and is available on 3 demo basis.

It is reported, that Watford Football club has partnered with Bitcoin betting platform, and now, as a result of this collaboration, is going to add the BTC symbol on the uniforms of its players. According to the report, the team will also accept the Bitcoins as a payment for its merchandise.

It is reported, that Mastercard and blockchain firm R3 has partnered over the cross-border payment solution development. According to the report, the new system will be specializing on connection of global faster payments infrastructures, schemes and banks.