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Ticketmaster, one of the largest ticketing companies, will develop a service to issue NFT tickets on the Flow blockchain.
Ticketmaster previously partnered with Flow to issue 70,000 NFT tickets for Super Bowl LVI.
Ticketmaster has since created more than five million NFTs on the Flow blockchain for its clients, including Apollo Theater, Gavin DeGraw, The Black Crowes and Sebastian Maniscalco.

El Salvador’s El Zonte Beach, which has been renamed Bitcoin Beach, will undergo a $200 million infrastructure upgrade to improve the site’s tourist appeal.
“El Zonte is known to many as Bitcoin Beach; we’re going to fix up the 15,000-square-foot area with a shopping center, parking lot, beach club, treatment facilities, all to revitalize the area,” said President Naib Boukelé.
Surf City Beach, commonly known as El Tunco, will also benefit from these renovations.
“This year we will widen 21 miles of coastal road to four lanes. We’ll also do it with hydro concrete, which is more expensive than asphalt but lasts much longer,” he added.
Earlier, El Salvador’s Minister of Tourism, Morena Valdés, reported that the country’s tourism industry has grown by 30% since the adoption of bitcoin.

Luxury brand Hermès has applied for trademark registration with a focus on NFT and cryptocurrencies.
According to the application, the brand plans to operate in the virtual goods, apparel, footwear and fashion show markets. The applications also cover NFT and cryptocurrency trading services.
In addition, Hermès plans to offer users downloadable software for computer games with virtual goods and user authentication services using e-commerce technologies.

Curve founder Mikhail Egorov hinted that the decentralized exchange Curve Finance may launch its decentralized stabelcoin crvUSD next month.
Previously, Egorov reported that the stabelcoin would be super-secured.
Curve is one of the largest decentralized protocols, with more than $5.8 billion blockchain on the platform.

The Helium Network (HNT) has made a proposal to migrate to the Solana blockchain.
The HIP 70 proposal explains that switching to Solana would improve the efficiency of the network by giving Helium access to Solana developer tools, applications and features.
The proposal seeks to make three major changes: moving the Proof-of-Coverage (PoC) consensus algorithm and data transfer accounting to oracles, and moving the Helium network and all of its tokens to the Solana blockchain.
The proposal argues that the migration is necessary because the growing use of the Helium network has made it difficult to manage data flow and accounting, leading to efficiency problems.
Moving PoC and data transfer to oracles will help solve these problems and make the network more stable, providing greater scalability.

The developers added that the move to Solana is appropriate because it provides the scalable architecture that Helium now needs.
Helium developers believe that the conditions that led them to develop a Tier 1 blockchain have simply ceased to exist, as the crypto ecosystem has matured and has an extensive number of Tier 1 blockchains.
The proposal also said that after the migration, the amount of HNT reward tokens that would be transferred to miners or node operators would increase by 6.85%.
The community will vote on the proposal from September 12 to 18.

The world’s largest mining pool, Ethermine, will launch an Ethereum-stacking service.

The new service, will allow members of the pool to connect to co-stacking. It will require as little as 0.1 ETH ($159). The platform now offers participants an annual interest rate of 4.43%.
As of this writing, 393 ETH ($626,000) has been invested in the new pool from Ethermine.
Notably, the pool is not available to US users.
Earlier, Ethermine said that after the merger it will stop supporting Ethereum mining.

The South Korean city of Busan signed an agreement with cryptocurrency exchange FTX to develop a blockchain business.
Earlier it was reported that Busan plans to become a global financial and blockchain center.
Busan and FTX will work together to develop and promote various blockchain ventures as well as create the Busan Digital Asset Exchange.

In addition, FTX will work with regional universities to develop and promote specialized education with a focus on blockchain.

Earlier, the city entered into a similar agreement with the Binance exchange.

Bitcoin’s instant mining difficulty rose 9.26% to 30.98 T. This is one of the biggest jumps in the history of the asset.
The computational power of the network is also gradually recovering to peak values, now at 222.3 EH/s.

Venture capital firm Seven Seven Six, led by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, plans to launch a new $177.6 million cryptocurrency fund.
The Kryptós fund will invest in various tokens.
“This is the best time to buy if you’ve really been in the industry for a long time. Everything is on sale,” added Seven Seven Six founding partner Kathleen Holloway.

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said digital assets are a safe alternative for cross-border payments.

“We need to intensively develop innovative directions, including the implementation of digital assets. It’s a safe alternative for all parties that can guarantee seamless payment for deliveries of goods from abroad and for exports,” he said.

Mishustin’s remarks came shortly after Iran’s Commerce Ministry approved the use of cryptocurrencies for imports.
Local media reported that the authorities switched to cryptocurrency payments because of ongoing international trade sanctions against Iran.