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Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen said that his personal XRP accounts were hacked by unknown people yesterday.

He said law enforcement has already been involved and exchanges have been notified to freeze certain addresses.

Onchain analyst ZachXBT reported that Ripple’s wallet was hacked for ~213 million XRP ($112.5 million).
The unknown person transferred funds to various exchanges MEXC, Gate, Binance, Kraken, OKX, HTX, HitBTC, etc.

There are no details of the hack or any official statements yet.

The Hong Kong Privacy Commissioner’s Office conducted an inspection of six Worldcoin outlets in the city.

The regulator conducted the investigation based on a court order.

According to the commissionerate’s statement, Worldcoin poses serious risks to personal data privacy and may violate privacy law.

Terraform Labs’ current CEO Chris Amani said the bankruptcy filing will help the company appeal a lawsuit from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The bankruptcy will allow the firm to file an appeal without having to post an expensive bond that would cause Terraform Labs to shut down.

He said the company has $28 million in bitcoins, $7 million in various cryptocurrencies and $87 million in Luna in its reserves.

Circle announced that it will launch USDC on Celo.
USDC currently runs on Ethereum, Base, Algorand, Arbitrum, Stellar, Near, Solana, Avalanche, Optimism, Polygon, Flow, Hedera, Polkadot and Tron.

Payment infrastructure provider Transak has joined Visa Direct.

With this integration, users will be able to exchange cryptocurrency directly from their wallet to their debit card.

The platform currently supports more than 40 cryptocurrencies in over 145 countries.

Ethereum developers have successfully activated the Dencun update on the Sepolia test network.
The update is scheduled to launch in the latest Holesky test network on February 7.

The main idea behind Dencun is to introduce proto-danksharding, which will reduce the cost of gas for L2 solutions and introduce a compressed data storage mechanism.

German police confiscated nearly 50,000 BTC ($2.17 billion) during investigations into pirate websites in January 2024.
Specifically, the case involved pirate portal Movie2K, whose founders used their profits to buy bitcoins until 2013.

To date, this is the largest seizure of cryptocurrency that has been carried out by German law enforcement.

Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission has required crypto exchanges to insure 50% of customer deposits.

OSL Exchange entered into an agreement with Canopius and insured 95% of deposits.

HashKey Exchange has also entered into an insurance agreement with OneInfinity.

Abracadabra Finance has been hacked for approximately $6.4 million
According to Blocksec, unknown individuals attacked the project’s smart contract. There is still $29 million left in the contract.