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Tether will stop issuing USDT on the EOS and Algorand networks starting today.
It will be possible to cash out USDT on these networks over the next 12 months.

Binance Labs has invested in Infrared’s liquid-stacking protocol.
Infrared is powered by Berachain.

The amount of the investment is unknown.

The total payout should amount to more than $9 bln.

Developers Light Protocol and Helius Labs have introduced a new method for scaling applications on the Solana blockchain, called “ZK Compression”.

The protocol uses zero-disclosure proofs to ensure the integrity of the compressed state of the data.

The technology itself is based on a data state compression process that allows developers to store certain types of data more economically.

Light Protocol claims that using ZK Compression allows 100 compressed accounts to be stored for approximately 0.00004 SOL, which is 5,000 times cheaper than the typical cost of 0.2 SOL.

Many Ethereum fans have criticized Solana for moving to an L2 solutions approach and not acknowledging it. In particular, ZkSync founder Alex Gluchowski and investor Ryan Berkmans have stated that.

Japanese investment company Metaplanet Inc will buy $6.26 million worth of BTC with capital raised in a round of bond issuance.

Earlier this month, the company purchased an additional $1.5 million worth of BTC.

ZkSync founder and head of Matter Labs Alex Gluchowski predicts that STRK, ZK, and ZRO holders will likely be selected for future airdrops.

In his opinion, those who sold tokens after the drop will regret it very much.

Turkish exchange BtcTurk said it suffered an exploit on June 22.

The exchange suspended deposits and withdrawals.

In turn, Binance has already frozen $5.3 million related to the hack.

At the same time, $3.5 million worth of online casino Sportsbet was hacked.

According to onchain analyst Zach XBT, the same user is behind the hacking of both platforms, and yesterday’s AVAX sales are related specifically to the BtcTurk hack.

CoinStats Sevries has suffered a hack.
Developers warned users to withdraw money from the wallets created, directly into CoinStats.

Now the service is temporarily disabled.

At the time of writing, about 1590 wallets have been affected.

Marathon Digital Holdings has launched a new 2 megawatt (MW) pilot project in Finland.

Under the initiative, residential homes will be heated using heat generated from BTC mining.

The project will focus on centralized water heating, which will be used to heat the homes and neighborhoods of 11,000 residents.

Blockchain analyst Zach XBT noted that AVAX has plummeted by 10%.
This came after someone withdrew 1.96 million AVAX ($54.2 million) to Coinbase, Binance and Gate via THORChain.

Later, the same user probably poured the funds received into BTC.