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Korean-based sexual exploitation ring used Monero for criminal acts, thus Bithumb may follow Huobi’s example and drop the altcoin from its listing. The “Nth Room Case” is an unfolding criminal investigation unfolding in South Korea that allegedly involved sexual crimes broadcast in Telegram chat rooms. South Korean authorities have inferred that part of the operation involved Monero transactions.

It is reported, that Retail Row, the merchandise store for the online video game Fortnite, has started accepting Monero (XMR). According to the report, the Fortnite, an online video game developed by Epic Games, has over 125 mln players worldwide. In October 2018, Epic Games was valued at over $15 bln in its latest funding round. Retail Row supports crypto payments service GloBee which allows retailers to accept cryptocurrencies. However, although GloBee offers support for cryptocurrencies such as BTC, XRP, and LTC, the only cryptocurrency supported by the store currently is XMR. Customers can also make payments using credit cards and PayPal.

It is reported, that cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger has updated its support of altcoin Monero (XMR) for its Nano S device. According to the company, the Nano S was already compatible with Monero’s latest GUI 0.13 release. With this addition, Ledger devices now cover 90% of the entire crypto market capitalization. Ledger keeps focussing on supporting as many of the popular cryptocurrencies as possible because the security of holdings became an important issue for investors.

The new website educates users on how to protect their devices against cybercrime. According to McAfee reports, the cryptojacking increased by 86% in Q2 of 2018, while illegal cryptojacking has shockingly reached 459%. The website gives users the ability to examine whether an XMR-based malware is running on their computer or not, in addition to offering them solutions for the three prominent types of attacks are usually used: browser-based mining scripts, system/PC based malware, and ransomware.

Now users can withdraw and sell the XMR tokens, but cannot buy them, and all earlier transaction requests have been cancelled, so traders will have to carry out the transfers again. In addition, while withdrawing, the users will have to confirm the recipient address twice, and same for the sale of the tokens. Also, when sending XMR tokens, there is now a new compulsory field “purpose of the transfer”. All these additional security measures are the result of a hack attack on exchange in January, when Coincheck lost $534 mln worth of NEM tokens.

XMR price increase started this morning, and within just an hour it went up from $200 to $232 (press time). The market cap has also increased from $3.2 bln to $6.6 bln. Interesting to note that this surge happened exactly 4 years after the token has been launched in 2014, and since then it had a significant progress. Only last year this day the price of Monero was just $20.53. In addition, on Friday Monero successfully completed a hard fork designed to protect the network from certain ASIC miners.

The privacy focused XMR altcoin is set to receive support from cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger. In light of this, Google Trends shows a considerable interest growth from traders, who are eager to cash in on trading. However, the news have not yet affected Monero’s price, as it gained just 0.5% in the past 24 hours, trading at $168 (press time).

Chinese security researchers discovered a mining malware called ADB.Miner that was used to mine Monero coins, affecting already 7,000 Android devices, such as smartphones, tablets and TV set top boxes. It was also revealed that the malware contained Mirai code, that caused a wave of DDoS attacks last year.

Today Monero has introduced its own mobile wallet – the Cakewallet – with user-friendly interface, where users can store, send and receive XMR. Cakewallet is available for both iOS and Android devices, and hardware wallet support is set to be launched this year.

Bitcoin’s market share has fallen to 33% and Dash and Monero failed to make it in top ten today. At the same time, Ether has hit $970 mark, and Cardano, NEM and Stellar took 5th, 6th and 7th place respectively.