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The number of projects adopting layer-two solutions for Ethereum’s scaling woes is increasing, with LuaSwap rolling out a new, TomoChain-based exchange engine yesterday.

The change will enable the Uniswap inspired exchange to perform token swaps with greater speed and efficiency than many rival Automated Market Maker ERC-20 exchanges.

TomoChain uses block lengths of two seconds and has transaction costs that are slightly lower than the main net of Ethereum. As such, on TomoChain, trades that might usually cost $10 or $20 on Ethereum can be performed for only a few cents.

The feature will allow users of Binance’s US affiliate to process orders worth $10,000 or more directly between customers, off of the normal exchange’s order book. Catherine Coley, CEO of Binance America, announced the launch during Consensus: Distributed on Monday.

As the price of bitcoin rallied to just below $9,000 the exchange’s website, mobile app, and API website experienced major outages. Several Twitter users also noted the connectivity issues with screenshots of the Coinbase website and mobile app. Kraken reported some issues connecting with its API as well on Wednesday, though it said its platform had returned to normal operations by 18:56 UTC.

Users are able to write, share, and like short-form posts called “pulses” from other users. The exchange said in a statement shared with Finance Magnates that the social network is “tailored” to the needs of cryptocurrency traders, and will provide Bitfinex’s customer base with the opportunity to “leverage the exchange’s community to get a trading edge.”

From Thursday, the crypto exchange said the oracle, provides data from Coinbase Pro on the exchange rates for both bitcoin and ether against the U.S. dollar. It is further signed with Coinbase’s private key, meaning that when shared across third party services and protocols, the data can always be verified as being from the exchange.

The primary web domain of cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin, has been locked since the end of March by order of the High Court of Singapore. The court issued a temporary injunction on March 24 barring KuCoin from moving its assets, including its website, from the country. A March 30 email from domain registrar GoDaddy provided to Cointelegraph shows that GoDaddy is complying with the court order.

One of the largest crypto exchange Coinbase announced that it will invest a total of $1.1 million in two separate projects through its USDC Bootstrap Fund. This is a major development for the DeFi space and for the crypto space at large. It remains to be seen how the blockchain industry reacts to it. The fund is looking to boost development in the DeFi sector and is investing in projects denominated in stablecoins backed by the United States Dollar. The money is donated directly to the DeFi protocols.

Korean-based sexual exploitation ring used Monero for criminal acts, thus Bithumb may follow Huobi’s example and drop the altcoin from its listing. The “Nth Room Case” is an unfolding criminal investigation unfolding in South Korea that allegedly involved sexual crimes broadcast in Telegram chat rooms. South Korean authorities have inferred that part of the operation involved Monero transactions.

Despite markets all over the world facing ever-worsening economic troubles amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it seems as though the crypto industry has been able to weather the storm. Despite markets all over the world facing ever-worsening economic troubles amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it seems as though the crypto industry has been able to weather the storm.

Major cryptocurrency exchange has tweeted that there is now a screenshot of an apparent prototype for trading BTC/Tether (USDT) options contracts. Binance’s performative social media “leak” revealed options trading support as one of the items on a “what to test” list, which included other products that have previously been officially announced, such as the Binance Card issued by Visa.