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Two key people at the Dogecoin Foundation recently wrote an article about using RadioDoge technology in conjunction with the Starlink satellite network to run DOGE transactions without using the Internet.
Product Manager at the Dogecoin Foundation Timothy Stebbing and Chief Engineer Michi Lumine have teamed up to work on a new communications network that enables users to transact Dogecoin offline. It will only require the support of the Starlink satellite network, which is owned by Ilon Musk.
The team acknowledged that there is still a long way to go, but the groundwork has already been laid for future experimentation.
Another important piece of testing is the GigaWallet project, an embedded solution (a new type of Doge wallet) for Internet transactions through standardized, non-storage integration of the wallet with the Dogecoin network.
The developers considered the Libdogecoin library as the basis for generating and validating Doge addresses and transactions. They showed that Dogecoin addresses created with the library successfully received DOGE on the main network.
The main problem in the process of making GigaWallet connections to RadioDoge is whether Libdogecoin can withstand a serious load. The first RadioDoge, created last week, will serve as a testing ground for the new technology.
According to the team, the first transactions generated by Libdogecoin should be sent to RadioDoge this week, which will send them to the Dogecoin test network via the Starlink satellite.
They both believe that the new technology could revolutionize the mass adoption of Dogecoin in emerging economies, making the cryptocurrency “a de facto medium for the exchange of goods and services worldwide.”

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