Executive Ex-Executives of OnlyFans to Launch NFT Marketplace Zoop

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Former OnlyFans CEOs have announced the creation of Zoop, a platform for trading NFT game cards featuring celebrities.
The Zoop team will be led by OnlyFans founder Tim Stockley and R.J. Phillips, who participated in the development of OnlyFans.
The platform will launch at Polygon, in the summer of 2022.
It will provide an opportunity to collect collectible NFTs depicting celebrities.
It is not yet known whether stars will be directly involved in the project.

Initially, the platform will produce 500 NFT cards with images of various celebrities, which will be sold at a Dutch auction. According to Phillips, they also plan to launch their own token.
Ahead of the launch, the developers will be giving away a limited number of “priority passes” with access to exclusive giveaways.
Users in the U.S., U.K. and Europe will be able to pay for the cards with fiat, while others will access the platform via stabelcoins.
The team said the celebrity list will be released next month.

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