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The co-founder and CEO of MicroStrategy said bitcoin is “the most secure thing” in the world.
“In a marketplace full of chaos, noise and rage, people need a safe place to stand apart from government, agency or corporate interference. Bitcoin is an honest, open, equitable network with a very simple promise to anyone who wants to join: what you have belongs to you, and no one is going to take it away from you,” he said.
The head of MicroStrategy also highlights the fact that despite bitcoin’s poor growth over the past few months, BTC has more than tripled since the pandemic began.
“There’s just nowhere to hide in these markets. All of the indices are bear market territory. Bonds are not a safe haven because they are currency derivatives. Stocks have to increase their cash flows faster than the rate of inflation. But if you scale back two years since the start of the Covid Crisis, the U.S. money supply has increased 36%. Gold is up 7%. The S&P index is up 29%. The Nasdaq is up just 19%. Bitcoin is up 229%, so if you can handle the volatility and you’re looking at the long term, you have a safe haven,” he said.
Saylor also stated that he and his company will continue to buy more BTC regardless of the price.
“Whenever we have free money, we buy more bitcoin. We look at it for a very, very long time. The network is only getting better. Acceptance is improving. Very constructive regulation is coming out of Washington, and the lightning network is bringing us closer to Satoshi’s promise of allowing everyone in the world to trade with each other at the speed of light in a fair and equitable way … I will buy at the peak always,” he concluded.

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