Reddit user stashed $100 in bitcoin for 100 years in a library

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A Reddit user under the nickname Optimal-Dentistador (OD) decided to conduct an experiment. He bought $100 worth of bitcoin and hid the keys to the wallet in a public library in Europe. He said that this would help prove or disprove the hypothesis about the durability of BTC.
He also asked employees not to disclose his personal information.
“There was an event where you could write something like a letter or a poem or a diary that would last 100 years. If you wrote some personal information on the envelope, the staff would try to find any living relatives to give the letter to them,” the library said.
The Reddit community noted that while 0.003 BTC may be a trifling amount in 2022, in a hundred years it could be considered a market mover.
OD himself noted that the find would be similar to the amount of bitcoins confiscated from the Bitfinex exchange.

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