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Washington State Governor Jay Inslee has signed into law a bill that aims to expand the adoption of blockchain technology in various financial and industrial sectors.
Under the law, Governor Inslee ordered the formation of the Washington Blockchain Working Group, which will “explore various potential applications for blockchain technology.” The working group will consist of seven government officials and eight leaders from various trade associations across the state. The group will study practical applications of the technology and report its findings to Governor Inslee by December 1, 2023.
Senator Sharon Brown said Washington State is demonstrating a willingness to use blockchain “for the benefit of all Washington residents, employers and workers.”
“This new law is a vital first step in creating an environment that welcomes new business perspectives, is eager to seek out new applications, and is ready to identify potential supply chain management and STEM education opportunities,” she added.

The bill was first proposed in the Senate in 2019, but was eventually vetoed by the governor in April 2020. State lawmakers then spent nearly two more years revising it.

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