The NFT ATM was installed in New York City

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The Neon Company has installed an NFT vending machine in Manhattan, New York.
Neon’s marketing director and co-founder Jordan Birnholz said he and intern Drew Levin came up with the idea for the NFT vending machine in mid-2021. Their goal was to make it as easy as possible to buy NFT.
The ATM accepts payment in dollars, and you can pay with a bank card or your phone. After the purchase, the machine gives out a box with a QR code to receive the NFT. In order to use the code, the buyer must register on the Neon platform.
The project runs on the Solana blockchain, through which it promises to remain carbon neutral.
ATM currently includes two NFT collections: Party Pigeons and Project Color. Party Pigeons were designed by artist Typfy specifically for Project Neon, and Project Color were unique tokens designed specifically for the first machine in New York.

The creators of the project said that this summer the ATMs will appear in other U.S. cities, and the collections will be replenished with new NFTs.

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